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What is a Komodo Grade?

You deserve an A+ user experience

The Komodo Eye probe measures and grades your network.  At home, or at work, you connect to Wi-Fi and use the Internet.  A Komodo Grade reflects user experience with traditional grade letters.  An "A+" is the best and an "F" is the worst.

Is the Wi-Fi or Internet down?

When you want to read email, check a website, or watch a movie - things should just work.  You don't care if it is a device problem, an Internet problem or a website problem.  You just want to have a great user experience.

Take control!

What is the problem?  Who do I call?  A Komodo Grade tells you when things are bad and getting worse.  A dashboard report, or email report, tells you what is causing the problem and who to call to get it fixed.  All the necessary  information is at your fingertips

What does a Grade Report look like?

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How It Works

Imagine the perfect user who is on your network 24x7 telling you what they are experiencing, helping you diagnose network issues, and sending you reports about how your network is doing.  You place a small device, called a Komodo Eye, wherever you would like to continuously measure and report the user experience on your network.  It is an intelligent, sophisticated device that can simulate many different types of users and activities.

Monitor Multiple Locations

A single Komodo Eye can monitor an entire building's Internet service. Place an additional Komodo Eye where applications and Wi-Fi are mission critical.

Get Actionable Reports

Information generated by the Komodo Eye is sent to the Komodo System analysis engine which generates charts, graphs and reports.

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